php PDO and jQuery AJAX tutorial with example source code

Last updated:25th February, 2017php PDO tutorial with jQuery AJAX PDO or PHP Data Objects is an extension of php that is used to access databases. In a previous post php MySQLi tutorial, we learned about mysqli extension. In this tutorial we are going to learn about php PDO library. mysqli extension is used with MySQL database only while PDO supports …

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How to generate xml files using php and mysql database

generate xml files using php and mysql

Last updated:16th November, 2018How to generate XML files using php XML is a popular data interchange and storage format used on the internet. XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language. Custom markups can be created in XML. XML was designed to describe data while HTML was designed for data presentation. In a previous tutorial we learned how to parse XML using …

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php mysqli tutorial for beginners with example source code

php mysqli tutorial for beginners

Last updated:25th February, 2017php mysqli tutorial for beginners Now a days  to develop complex web sites you must need database interaction. With PHP mostly we use MySQL. To access mysql database we can use mysqli or PDO libraries available in php. In this tutorial we are going to explore php mysqli library functions. PHP mysqli extension provides methods to perform …

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How to watermark images using codeigniter php framework

Watermark images using codeigniter

Last updated:6th May, 2017How to watermark images using codeigniter Codeigniter is very popular MVC php framework. Images can be processed very easily in codeigniter. In previous tutorials we discussed basics of GD library in php and codeigniter file upload. But if you need to upload and manipulate images like crop, rotate, resize or watermark images using codeigniter, this article explains …

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How to create a mysql trigger and execute with php

php mysql trigger tutorial

Last updated:21st March, 2018How to create mysql trigger with php What is mysql trigger? A mysql trigger is a stored database object that is always associated with a database table and is executed automatically when a particular defined event occurs. Events when a mysql trigger is executed As stated before a mysql trigger is executed automatically BEFORE or AFTER occurrence of …

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