Best CRM for Developers to Learn in 2021 – a beginners guide

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Best CRM for Developers to Learn

Today, a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) has become an integral part of organizations. A CRM allows businesses to manage customer data and manage and analyze its communication with past, existing, and potential customers. Besides helping with sales management and providing actionable insights, it also facilitates team communication. Thus, CRM is a must-have tool for companies in this digital age. In this article, we will explore best crm for developers to learn in 2021.

Learning CRM has become a must for career boost for developers because companies now require skilled professionals to help them incorporate CRMs into their systems. So, what is the best CRM for developers?

Here is a list of some best CRM for developers to learn.

best crm for developers to learn


Salesforce is the global company leading the market when it comes to cloud-based CRM software technology. It uses SOAP API, REST API, Bulk API, and Streaming API to maximize functionality. Becoming a certified Salesforce developer could be a strategic move in a person’s career. A Salesforce developer can work with companies using Salesforce or as a freelance Salesforce developer.

salesforcefor developers to learn


  • It is a powerful CRM that is highly customizable, allowing easy removal or adding the features based on the needs.
  • Salesorce API offers faster development, ease of use, seamless access, and automatic updates.
  • It is highly reliable for its security and flexibility.
  • The program is highly compatible with other applications like Office products and email clients.
  • Salesforce CRM has a huge community comprising of users, partners, and developers sharing their experiences and expertise.
  • Their documentation is super easy to understand.


  • Its somewhat cluttered interface makes navigation complex.
  • Setup and configuration are time-consuming and complex, especially for beginners.

Learning Resources for best crm for developers

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is one software with straightforward implementation and easy to adapt features. The user interface is simple and easy to navigate, with easy options for generating analytics and reports. It is a single-purpose API with a RESTful architecture and uses OAuth 2.0 protocol authentication model. Zoho supports JSON, XML response formats along with URI Query String/CRUD request format.

Like custom fields and modules, Zoho CRM API features enable the user to customize the CRM modules to adjust to the requirements. There is a plethora of components, features, and architecture to explore.

zoho crm for developers to learn


  • Its advanced security features include IP restrictions, two-factor authentication, and encryption add to its reliability.
  • In Zoho CRM, it is easy to build functions that execute complex business processes with low-code scripting.
  • The Developer console helps to build extensions that are not available in the market.
  • Zoho CRM’s Developer Edition enables the developers to build their own data model by adding customs layouts and fields.
  • Zoho API system easily shares data with other systems.


  • A lot of customization is required to get started.
  • The company’s customer support is insufficient in resolving certain issues.

Learning Resources for best crm for developers


Freshworks CRM is designed for organizations that want to instantly resolve their queries while keeping tabs on their contacts. Freshworks is a powerful analytic contributor giving complete insights into sales. The simple interface gives users full control of their leads.

Joining the Freshworks developer community by learning the Freshworks CRM enables the developers to flourish thousands of businesses worldwide.


  • Freshsales allows the sending of emails in bulk using a customized template.
  • Freshworks API helps the organizations to keep track of contacts’ past engagements and transactions.
  • The software offers integration to Google Calendar and Segment to avoid missing some client’s meetings.
  • All operations are carried out in cloud mode and offer different integration systems for different apps.


  • There are fewer options for exporting information.

Learning Resources

You can pick any from these Freshworks courses at the official site.

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a robust and affordable solution to improve an organization’s sales, marketing, and customer support. Its interface, similar to Microsoft Office, facilitates offline and online access to the customers. The release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 includes ERP services that bring unmatched functionality and security.

There is a high demand for developers who know how to customize and configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the UK and US. Learning the CRM is helpful for those professionals who want to take the Microsoft MB2-703 Exam. It is a single purpose API with a RESTful architecture and uses an OAuth 2 authentication model.

microsoft dynamics for developers to learn


  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM easily integrates with tools such as Microsoft Office 365, Adobe Document Cloud, and Outlook.
  • The active community provides the latest information on system updates and troubleshooting.


  • Mass information entering can be tedious, and dealing with large reports can be problematic.
  • Not very easy to use.
  •  Poor API documentation with very limited resources and materials available for developers.
  • Navigation in the report pages and the export of large reports can be problematic.

Learning Resources

Hubspot CRM

Hubspot CRM is a single-purpose tool that provides a strong base to maintain a strong relationship with customers, whether in marketing, operations, sales, or customer service. The customizable dashboard helps to keep a check on the sales pipeline. Developers and organizations can extend the functionality of their website with Hubspot API and the App Marketplace.

hubspot crm for developers to learn


  • Hubspot CRM automation workflows are time-saving.
  • The technical support team is quick and helpful.
  • The company keeps its technology updated with the latest web and marketing trends.
  • A lot of online help resources are available to make it an easy to learn CRM.
  • More than 200 free integrations are available to connect to programs.
  • The software can create segmented lists for future outreach.


  • Building something complicated in the developer back-end can be challenging.
  • The export of data or lists requires multiple steps.
  • Hubspot email templates are difficult to modify without the knowledge of CSS.

Learning Resources

Apptivo CRM

Apptivo is a cloud CRM of integrated apps and provides the best solutions for streamline marketing and sales. The tools such as campaign management, lead management, marketing automation, and intuitive dashboard provide everything in one cloud solution. The app extension feature allows managing multiple custom ticketing systems, facilitating the developers to create innovative versions of the app.


  • Apptivo CRM has advanced security technology to keep the data and files safe and secure.
  • It has easy to use features such as sending out invoices, client feedback, tracking clients’ info, and account payables.


  • Integrating with certain software and configuration could be problematic and time-consuming.
  • Apptivo needs to do more work in additional pre-built integrations.


Pipedrive CRM is software designed to manage the lengthy, intricate sales process. The software allows a good check on contact history, calls, and emails to organize daily schedules. Full automation through custom chatbots and web forms allows to manage the deal-flow and leads. Pipedrive offers the ability to run custom reports and offers the ability to integrate emails, manage customers, and subscribers with ease.

Pipedrive developers can integrate their functionalities into their system. Pipedrive API uses a JSON format that is capable of managing Cross-Origin Resource Sharing requests.


  • Through Pipedrive, you can create deal stages and custom pipelines.
  • Pipedrive API is compatible with a great number of apps.
  • The software has an intuitive UI design.
  • The CRM offers useful training material for its growing community of developers.
  • With Pipedrive CRM, developers can integrate its functionalities into their systems.


  • Pipedrive is meant for small to medium businesses.
  • It does not integrate with companies like SAP and Oracle.

Learning Resources

Insightly CRM

Insightly is another popular CRM software for Office 365 and Google users, with more than 25,000 companies using it worldwide. It offers marketing and sales features to organizations. Insightly CRM offers workflow automation, lead routing, email, documentation, and an analytics dashboard.  It provides an option to filter by tags, which makes it easy to store and find information.

The single purpose API with a RESTful architecture and uses HTTP Basic API key authentication model. It works with XML, JSON response formats as well as URI Query String/CRUD request format.


  • Insightly API offers no-code application development.
  • Insightly CRM offers extensive training videos and customer support to ease the process of onboarding the new CRM.
  • Insightly CRM API supports XML, JSON, and URI Query String format. Developers can use its API to integrate and access the Insightly functionality into their application.


  • Insightly is difficult to manage for the users who are new to CRM software.
  • It offers limited customization for reporting options.
  • It is not suitable for large scale business that demands a huge storage space.


SugarCRM API is an open-source application, so the source code is available to every user, customer, and developer. The developers can customize the app with ease to fit in any market. SugarCRM is available in 9 different languages, and effortless navigation makes the options easily accessible.

The options are well-organized into categories labeled as contacts, calendars, accounts, leads, reports, campaigns, emails, and more. Search filters are available for each category.

sugar crm for developers to learn


  • Developers can easily integrate mobile and web apps to access the features.
  • The reports and dashboards are easy to understand.
  • SugarCRM API provides good security for data.
  • It is a highly customizable and flexible application.
  • The user can create a variety of campaigns.
  • It is compatible with many software.


  • Getting started with SugarCRM may prove daunting as there is a lack of tutorials or a comprehensive guide.
  • Learning the vast framework could be tedious and time-consuming.

Learning Resources


Ontraport is a robust CRM and marketing automation system that tracks the customers for their clicks and purchases. It interplays with its built-in landing pages, analytics tools, and business process automation features and enables the organizations to get customer satisfaction. Ontraport API is a single purpose one with a RESTful architecture and uses an API key authentication model. It works with XML response format and JSONP along with URI Query String/CRUD request format.

The app allows customization to create custom fields, calculations, views. It allows users to sync their calendars, contact tools, and emails. It helps the users to manage their schedules and priorities. Ontraport API offers restful JSON responses.

ontraport crm to learn


  • Well-documented allowing effortless referencing of documentation.
  • Ontraport CRM has amazing support with its helpful live chat always available.
  • It offers excellent flexibility to customize the creation of forms, emails, and landing pages.
  • It includes integration with Google and Microsoft Outlook.
  • Ontraport CRM gives options to launch automated market campaigns.


  • The mobile app features are less flexible as compared to desktop features.
  • Integration is a bit limited from a developer’s point.

Learning Resources

You can pick any from these Ontraport courses.


Final words for best crm for developers

Here concludes our list if best CRM for developers to learn in 2021. If you are a developer and wish to improve your career opportunity, you must learn these CRM and enjoy better career opportunity as freelance CRM developer or a conventional one.

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