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Upload files using Python and Flask

upload files using python and flask frameworks

Last updated:15th May, 2022How to upload files using Python and Flask   In this tutorial we are going to learn, how to upload files using Python and flask framework. We will also upload multiple files. In a previous tutorial we explored How to join wav audio files using python – a beginner tutorial. Following steps are performed in this tutorial. …

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What is Front-End Development? Become A Front-End Developer

what is front end development

Last updated:18th March, 2021What is Front-End Development? Everything that users touch, use, click, and see, including UX/UI, visual layout, user interface, and interaction, comes in front-end development. It is also sometimes known as client-side development. In front-end development, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are used for web applications or websites for the user to directly see and use them. The challenging …

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