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Introduction to arrow functions in javascript

How to use arrow functions in javascript

Last updated:24th December, 2022Arrow functions in JavaScript Arrow function were introduced in ES6 version of JavaScript. These functions allows us to create functions in a better and concise way as compared to regular JavaScript functions. The syntax of arrow functions in JavaScript is as follows: // function expression let arrowFunction = (arg1, arg2, ... argn) => { statement(s) } An …

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What is Front-End Development? Become A Front-End Developer

what is front end development

Last updated:18th March, 2021What is Front-End Development? Everything that users touch, use, click, and see, including UX/UI, visual layout, user interface, and interaction, comes in front-end development. It is also sometimes known as client-side development. In front-end development, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are used for web applications or websites for the user to directly see and use them. The challenging …

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