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Introduction to arrow functions in javascript

How to use arrow functions in javascript

Last updated:24th December, 2022Arrow functions in JavaScript Arrow function were introduced in ES6 version of JavaScript. These functions allows us to create functions in a better and concise way as compared to regular JavaScript functions. The syntax of arrow functions in JavaScript is as follows: // function expression let arrowFunction = (arg1, arg2, ... argn) => { statement(s) } An …

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Latest Web Development Courses To Make You Pro Developer

latest web development courses to become a pro developer

Last updated:4th September, 2021Latest Web Development Courses To Make You Pro Developer Ever thought about web development as a career. I think you know the science of web development already. Maybe you are a beginner or have some experience but you need to level up your knowledge and skills. The more you learn, the better you produce. In this article, …

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What is Virtual Reality and what are VR Applications?

what is virtual reality

Last updated:11th May, 2021What is Virtual Reality? The demand for virtual reality is exploding these days. The gaming companies primarily started this technology, but it has now spread into several other industries like the military, healthcare, and education. This article explores what is virtual reality and what are VR Applications? The current evolution has opened countless doors of opportunities for …

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What is Human Computer Interaction? and what are HCI applications


Last updated:11th May, 2021What is Human Computer Interaction? HCI (Human-computer interaction) is a multidisciplinary field that focuses on how people interact with computers and at what level computers are/aren’t developed to interact with human beings successfully. There are three parts in HCI, the user (human), the computer, and how they work together, meaning interaction, but what is Human Computer Interaction? …

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Becoming a UI UX Designer in 2021 – a beginner’s guide

ux-ui for beginners

Last updated:18th April, 2021Becoming a UI UX Designer in 2021 We often hear the terms UI and UX, especially where Web development is concerned. Though both terms are used interchangeably, they have different meanings, and if you wish to become a UI/UX expert, you must know these fields inside out. So, let’s understand UI and UX and how to become …

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