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How to Generate a PDF using php

generate a pdf using php

Last updated:6th March, 2024How to Generate a PDF using php In the modern web development, the need to produce PDF documents dynamically is a common requirement. Whether you’re tasked with generating invoices, reports, certificates, or any other type of printable content, PHP offers a robust set of tools and libraries that make this task not only achievable but also highly …

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How to create a WordPress plugin

How to create WordPress plugin

Last updated:25th March, 2023How to create a WordPress plugin Creating a WordPress plugin can be a rewarding experience, as it allows you to extend the functionality of a website and improve the user experience. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced programmer, you can create a WordPress plugin relatively easily with some basic knowledge of PHP, HTML, and CSS In …

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Angular tutorial with CodeIgniter RESTful API – part 1

codeigniter restful api with angular

Last updated:1st May, 2022Angular tutorial with CodeIgniter and MySQL Now a days modern JavaScript frameworks like Angular, Reactjs and Vuejs are widely used by developers. With these frameworks, server side languages like php, python and ASP.NET are very popular among developers. In this two part Angular tutorial with CodeIgniter RESTful API, we will work in CodeIgniter RESTful API. We will …

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Pagination in php and MySQL tutorial

pagination in php and mysql

Last updated:29th January, 2022Pagination in php and MySQL Pagination is a valuable skill for web developers to learn. It is a good UI technique to present long list of records into separate pages. Pagination also decreases the load from server and database so the results are loaded faster. In this tutorial, you will learn pagination in php and MySQL. Following …

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User registration tutorial with php and MySQL – beginner’s tutorial

php mysql beginner tutorial

Last updated:26th July, 2021User registration tutorial Now a days, modern web applications need user registration features. In this user registration tutorial with php and MySQL, you will learn how to save user data into database. Following tasks are performed in this tutorial. PHP, MySQL and phpMyAdmin should be installed on your system. Visit XAMPP or WAMP, and install it. After …

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Top WordPress Applications You Need to Know in 2021

best wordpress application

Last updated:11th May, 2021Top WordPress Applications You Need to Know in 2021 WordPress ranks among the most popular open-source CMS utilized for building dynamic blogs and websites. It is considered among widely used website creation tools around the world with an equally powerful and authentic CMS. The different uses of WordPress enable developers and other users to create different types …

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How to generate xml files using php and mysql database

generate xml files using php and mysql

Last updated:5th February, 2022How to generate XML files using php XML is a popular data interchange and storage format used on the internet. XML stands for eXtensible Markup Language. Custom markups can be created in XML. XML was designed to describe data while HTML was designed for data presentation. In a previous tutorial we learned how to parse XML using …

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