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RESTful API with sails js using MongoDB and MySQL

nidejs mvc frameworks with mysql and mongodb

Last updated:7th January, 2021RESTful API with sails js using MongoDB and MySQL Sails.js is a MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework built on top of Express framework. It is used to develop RESTful APIs and modern web applications. There are other Node js frameworks, like hapi, loopback but sails js is becoming very popular now a days. In a previous tutorial we created …

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How to send sms using nodejs with jquery ajax and nexmo Api

send sms using nodejs - thumbnail

Last updated:7th May, 2021How to send SMS using nodejs Nowadays web applications send the SMS text messages to users for authentication, to reset a password or to verify a user’s mobile number. There are many services available to send SMS on the user’s mobile phone. In this tutorial, Nexmo service is used to send SMS using nodejs. Following tasks are …

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