How to become a Good Developer in 2020?

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How to become a Good Developer in 2020?

Competition is on rise; we all know this. With 2020 just beginning, we are going to see a lot of challenges to stay on top in the market, whether that be business, education or tech. Every field is now dependent on technology and online presence. So, there is a bright chance to choose development as a profession and become a great professional. So, today we are going to give quick but very informative piece about becoming a successful developer in 2020 and beat the heat.

In the article, you are going to read:

  • Why development is a good profession?
  • Skills you need to learn to become a good developer
  • Future language to learn to keep you alive in market

How to become a good developer in 2020

Let’s start.  

 Here you will learn basic fundamentals to follow to become a good developer that will not only be fueling up your personal growth but will benefit the market as well.

First of all, you need to know that web development is not about picking up a simple template and drag & drop pictures and plain text and call it a website. Please do not be disheartened here if all you know is WordPress, Wix or any other website management tool, but still have a heart to accept it is not web development. Web development is a serious business and needs you to put your knowledge, time and efforts. In short


Why you should choose web development as a profession?

There are many professions in the market that you can choose to satisfy your skills, thoughts and earn money. Success comes to those who choose a profession carefully and by analyzing what that want to do and how they want to serve. Also they keep in mind the earning aspect as one has to have money to have a good life.

Choosing programing and/or development is indeed a great profession and lead you to a height of professionalism.

So here, we will give you a brief overview that why choosing web development as a profession is a good move in 2020. Here you will learn that web development is the profession and field of future and you need a strong grip on the skills to excel in future successfully.

Creative and dynamic field

Web development is all about creating and crafting new ideas and thoughts. With UI and UX you can bring life to any idea you have in your mind and float in the market.

Freedom of choosing the job

Being a web developer, you can work as a freelancer, setup your own small office or work as an employee in an organization. This is probably the best aspect of being a web developer that you have many choices to peruse your career. You can choose a line according to your needs and time.

Profession that is always in demand

Web development is always in demand. More and more advancement in technologies and every business switching towards online presence has increased the demand of professional. So, you will never be jobless and always have some opportunity to earn and earn good.

Good earning is a key with web development:

Honestly speaking, money is all that we work for. So. Choose a profession that brings money and in return you can bring ease and comfort in life with that money and web development is that very profession. A web developer being the need of the market, can demand money according to his skill sets.

Remember, more your knowledge and skill more you earn.

Fields to work in are unlimited. Web development is now a need of every other segment of society, be it a music or entertainment industry to big corporate sector, everyone needs  an online presence. So, you can put in your knowledge and efforts in any areas like E-commerce, gaming, inventory management tools and much more.

Becoming a WEB DEVELOPER: Skills you must learn

Now let’s move towards looking at what skills are needed to stay alive in market in 2020.

Starting in the right direction is the very first step towards building a strong base. A good web developer knows both front end and back-end development. Let’s see what skills you must have in your hand to call yourself a good developer.

Skills list

  1. Front end development
  2. Backend development
  3. Database Management
  4. Programming tools
  5. Graphics designing
  6. Libraries and frameworks

Now let’s have a brief look at these skills one by one and know why having these skills is going to make you have a strong position in market in 2020

Front-end development:

Front-end development is about creating the visual aspect of a program, software, an app or a website. Better the front-end more engagement and clients you attract as a plain user wants the maximum usability without a challenge of how to use and app or website. So, keep learning to create more user-friendly and attractive UI & UX.

Back-end development:

Back-end development is about creating the logic of a website, an app, a software or a management system. The components created at the back-end are the basic unit and are accessible by a user through front-end.
If you got good skills and know how to use them smartly, you can indeed lay down a great logic and design wonderful solutions to problems and bring a life to different ideas.

Database Management:

“A database is a collection of information that is organized so that it can be easily accessed, managed and updated.”

For a website, it contains files that hold record like name, IDs, locations etc. Different tools and software are available to create and design a database. You must learn how to create and manage database, as it is an integral step towards creating a dynamic website and becoming a successful developer.

Programming tools:

Different tools are available in the market for developers to use and create websites and software by writing code. Basically a programming tool is a software itself that is used to create, edit and debug a piece of code.

Keeping a pace with other competitors in 2020 in the field of website and software development requires you to have an in depth knowledge of these tools and how to use them. Some famous tools that will help you grow are:

  1. Git and GitHub
  2. SQL
  3. Docker
  4. Excel or any Spreadsheet, Word or Similar, PowerPoint
  5. Integrated Development Environment – IDE (Sublime, phpstorm, Eclipse)
  6. Linux commands
  7. SVN

Graphic Designing

As name suggests, graphic designing gives you a space to communicate with user with the help of visuals. It may be graphs, pictures, gif or cartoons. One must learn basics of graphic designing and know the best way to implement it to please and attract the users.

Libraries and frameworks:

Frameworks and libraries are both code written by someone else that helps you perform some common tasks in a less verbose way. A framework inverts the control of the program. It tells the developer what they need. A library doesn’t. The programmer calls the library where and when they need it.

So, programming smartly is now dependent on your knowledge on how to yes frameworks and libraries. Being in 2020 needs you to work smarter and not the harder.

Future languages to learn to become a good developer:

The programming and developer communities are emerging at a rate faster than ever before. Various new programming languages are coming up that are suited for different categories of developers (beginners, intermediate, and experts) as well as for different use cases (web application, mobile applications, game development, distributed system, etc). Every beginner is puzzled with the question, “What programming language should I learn?” Let us take a look at best Programming Languages to learn in 2020 for a job and for future prospects:

The programming and development communities and emerging at a rapid speed with the need of more and more developers around the world. With this programming languages are also on a high in demand to suit the needs of the market. Different languages are needed to fit in different categories like gaming, management tools, desktop and mobile apps and websites.

So, there is now a variety of languages to be used by programmers, but the question is all they all worth your time and energies? Absolutely NOT, as you must be careful in choosing a language to learn according to your capabilities and market demands.

Let’s look into future programming languages that are going to rule this year. 

The best and most accepted language today for web programming. YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest are developed in Python.

  • C++

Extremely fast and reliable programming language that is used for the development of system level programs and operating systems.

The most popular and widely used back-end language. Though with time PHP is facing tough competition in the market, still it has kept its position strong.

  • Java

Java is the most stable and powerful language to create and develop enterprise-scale web applications.

  • Swift

Most popular phone device, iPhone and iPad consist of apps that are developed with Swift.

Worldwide accepted language to create frond-end applications. Angular, React JS and Vue JS are very popular front end frameworks, while Node.js is vastly used a Server side language.

  • Matlab

An analytical tool, mostly used for statistical programs and mathematical problems.

Remember, success is something that comes with hard work and smart approach together. In this article we have given you a details of pathways to be a successful developer in 2020, now you have to decide how you are going to achieve your goal according to the market you are serving in and your capabilities and enthusiasm.

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