Best PHP Frameworks For Developers – Top PHP MVC frameworks

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Best PHP Frameworks For Developers

PHP has now become a major language in Web Development, so many developers love working with PHP these days. Facebook, Tumbler, Pinterest, WordPress, or Etsy, use of PHP language is widespread and for the right reasons. This article explains which are the best php frameworks for developers.

Since PHP has made app development quick and safe, with no need to write code from scratch, it ensures secure development and reduces the burden as well. Just like when you simplify the code development problems of any web development and eliminate the need to run coding more often, the process starts faster, easier, and safer.

What are the Best PHP frameworks for developers? PHP is a multilingual open-source writing language. The common scripting language is particularly fitting for web development. Moreover, you can easily embed it into HTML.

Learning top php mvc frameworks to learn - programming

It helps to make the application more stable, secure, and more accessible with fewer problems. It has a range of strong technical skills and some of the most advanced and widely used in previous years.

So, yes, we can easily say that PHP for developers is a must language to learn because it is the most popular web development language as of now. According to a recent W3Techs survey, 79% of websites with server-side programming language use PHP.

Frameworks To Learn For PHP Developers

Web developing enthusiasts frequently ask questions like which is an easy PHP framework, Which is the best framework for PHP, or which PHP framework is best for beginners? Well, our guide will answer all your queries.

There are a lot of frameworks, and it’s hard to call one the best PHP Framework as each framework has its own pros and cons. Also, coding style and preferences vary based on every developer. Here are the most used and Best PHP Frameworks for Web Developers that you can explore to create magic;

  • Laravel
  • Symfony
  • CodeIgniter
  • Cakephp
  • YII2
  • Zend Framework

1. PHP Laravel Framework

Which is the best PHP framework? If you ask this question, Laravel will most probably be the answer. Laravel, developed in 2011 by Taylor Otwell, is a free open source framework. It is a relatively new PHP framework but arguably the most popular PHP framework out there.

You can easily read it because all the Laravel releases are detailed, which makes it super easy to update their information. They also provide multiple screenshots, tutorials, and blog updates.

Laravel has many features that make app development fast. The Artisan command-line interface provides many useful instructions while developing the application.

The framework has a powerful visualization engine that enables standard functions such as authentication, user management, caching, schedules, regeneration, backup methods, and easy access to developers.


Laravel offers excellent features and extensive community support. Its features include;

  • Built-in authorization and authentication system for easy verification
  • Error Data Migration which is synchronizing data between development machines
  • Integration with Archived Memory for better performance
  • Hosted Effortless Expo & Configuration
  • Resolving Attitudes Toward a Common Technology Damage
  • Separation of business logic code from Presentation Logic

top php mvc frameworks - laravel

Moreover, integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) adds to the list of features that make Laravel one of the best PHP frameworks.

Laravel Learning Resources

2. Symfony PHP Framework

The Symphony framework shines among one of the best PHP Frameworks every year, and there are many reasons for that. It was improved in 2015 with built-in test functionality and features that developers can work with and use to code.

When it comes to developing large enterprise projects, Symfony is the right choice among PHP frameworks. That’s why it is widely used by large organizations and large-scale enterprise software development efforts. It also helps developers use multiple parts of Symfony – or all of them at the same time, depending on the project requirements, which is quite impressive.


Symfony is an excellent business decision. The following are some of the known features.

  • Completely flexible with the unique needs of the developer as it is available with configurable and independent features.
  • Developers are allowed to create web applications at high speed in this framework.
  • Evolves to create great apps with a high-performance rating.
  • Faster and takes fewer programming resources.
  • A significant advantage is that it consumes less memory than others.
  • It provides a stable, fast, and flexible web application development.
  • Simplify development activities as it does not require extensive code to write about building web applications.

As the great Symphony ecosystem is continuously supported by a community of developers, so the framework provides comprehensive technical documentation. Symfony framework components are used by many content management systems such as Drupal, PIWI, PHPBB, ORO CRM, and even Laravel itself.

The learning process is slow, so those who are unfamiliar with the framework may need time and effort to master it. If your solutions rely on modular, then Symphony is a great option.

top php mvc frameworks to learn - symfony

Learning Resources

3. Codelgniter PHP Framework

What is the best framework in PHP for beginners? You hear this question many times. CodeIgniter is one of the classic frameworks, but it’s simple and powerful. It is well written with a nice framework to get started with PHP beginners. CodeIgniter uses the Model View Controller (MVC) development but is not based entirely on the MVC structure.

It can be installed easily and requires minimal user adjustment. The framework works perfectly on all shared and dedicated hosting platforms. It is designed to use a variety of materials to handle specific development tasks. Due to this factor, it gets developers’ power.


CodeIgniter is famous for creating inefficient operating systems that run on modest servers that provide reliable performance. Here are some of the features that rank the CodeIgniter among one of the best PHP Frameworks.

  • An important strength of CodeIgniter is speed as it moves faster with database functions compared to other frameworks.
  • Create sharp applications using MVC-based architecture.
  • It provides high performance and uses a lightweight frame.
  • It starts faster, thanks to the simplicity of its framework and the excellent documentation. Codelgniter gives you the ability to create very attractive web applications with a small footprint.

top php mvc frameworks - code igniter

In CodeIgniter, models and views are optional, but Controller classes are a must.

CodeIgniter can be an excellent choice if you are someone new to PHP frameworks since it is very easy to learn and get started. Also, the platform has excellent documentation, which means you will not face much trouble learning the basics.

Learning Resources

4. CakePHP Framework

Though CakePHP is a decade away framework, it is still among the best PHP Frameworks. CakePHP uses MVC and is the first MVC-based framework to beat the market.

CakePHP brings speed, reliability, and security. It is very popular for high performance and is used by many organizations. The framework is doing much better after the new parts and increased functionality.


CakePHP offers the most services available to you, so it’s a good option if you need to use hard-to-find features. Here are some of the undeniable highlights of CakePHP.

  • A broad set of elements
  • Cross-site forgery (CSRF) application protection
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS) protection
  • CakePHP meetings to generate project codes quickly
  • Form validation
  • SQL injection blocking
  • Optimal protection

It has good support from the developer community to keep up with the latest technology trends. PHP Cake’s approach to coding makes it more reliable for developers to select it. It is a modern framework and suitable for commercial web applications.

If you are able to plan meetings properly, you can focus on development and get the most work done quickly. You can install a large number of resources using the amazing set of libraries provided by this framework.

Learning Resources

Learning top php mvc frameworks - cakephp

5. Yii Framework

Yii is among one of top PHP frameworks and comes with its latest version of Yii 2 to gain much-needed popularity. It is a competitor that is suitable for other frameworks. Yii is popular because of how easy it is to set up.

Moreover, Yii 2 is object-oriented and is based on the concept of DRY (Do Not Repeat). It provides high performance and precision there with Phalcon when it comes to performance.


Yii stands out because of its powerful set of security features, which you can use to create highly secure projects. Other features include;

  • The framework can be used to speed up web application development.
  • Create secure websites and apps.
  • Overall excellent speed and performance.
  • Use the default setup or customize it to fulfill your specific needs.
  • Yii offers a solid set of application components.
  • It is great for large website development because it can be integrated with the features of AJAX and JQuery.

Learning top php mvc frameworks to learn - yii2 framework

One of the powerful features of Yii 2 is its lazy loading system, which makes it quick compared to other frameworks. In addition, it has a powerful code generator called Gii that helps object-based programming and rapid recording to provide web-based connections that allow you to generate the code you need collectively.

Learning Resources

6. Zend Framework

The Zend framework is now a Laminas project. 60+ professional PHP development packages are grouped under the Zend framework. Its editor supports previous storage technologies such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

During development, you only focus on the elements and functions you want and can ignore everything else in the Zend framework. The drop-down framework is ideal for complex websites as it offers a myriad of configuration options.

It also helps to reuse a large amount of code you write in its object-oriented state, which, no doubt, is very helpful. However, it is one of the hardest to learn.


Zend offers many features below are some of them.

  • An easy-to-use drag and drop editor.
  • Cryptographic encoding tools.
  • Fast Internet debugging tools.
  • Integrate Zend and external libraries with ease.
  • Let users use a PHP object-oriented framework with MVC engineering.
  • Linked Database Wizard.
  • Use only the elements you want, and then ignore the rest.

Learning best php mvc frameworks to learn - zend framework

Career Opportunities For PHP Developers 

Same as web developers, the PHP developers also enjoy many opportunities because PHP is in demand. Almost all software houses and tech companies require a PHP developer to develop applications, programs, and websites.

PHP Web developers are usually employed in various types of organizations, including large companies and government corporations, small and medium-sized businesses, or as freelancers. Many web developers work as a permanent full-time employee for one company while others can work as independent consultants, or even as contractors in an agency.

PHP developers typically build back-end components, link the application to other (often a third party) web services, and assist front-end developers by integrating their work with the application.

An experienced PHP developer knows what’s going to work best for business and can develop a website with the best PHP platform that generates revenues. A PHP developer is in charge of writing web application logic on the server-side. So you can gain expertise in one of the best php frameworks for developers.

Now, how much PHP developers make? Well, the salaries differ by level of seniority, type of development work, and the scale of the organization.

If you take a look at the statistics, you will know that PHP jobs pay well, also allowing the professionals to enjoy significant growth opportunities. According to a May 2020 estimate, $81,428 a year is the average salary of a PHP Developer in the United States.

According to research, there were over 5,500,000 PHP developers worldwide in 2018, and the number is expected to increase by the end of 2023.

How to Become a PHP Developer?

If you are a developer and want to be a PHP specialist, it is straightforward for you to upskill. All it takes to learn how to write PHP code.

On the other hand, if you are not a developer and wish to be one, then you will be glad to know that becoming a PHP developer is not a difficult task.

  • First, you can get a Bachelor’s degree in an appropriate subject, something like software engineering, computer science, or programming. However, it is not mandatory; you can also get certification in these fields or get some verifiable work experience.
  • Second, the real deal begins, and it is to learn the PHP language itself, which is no that difficult. However, you must know that there are many courses available online and locally by collages to learn the language.

You must know that there are Basic and Advanced level courses to choose from. We will be sharing some of the online resources to learn PHP.

  • Thirdly, practice what you have learned. The more you practice, the more you will get better. It is recommended to start small but with pure code. Next, you can involve programming as you become comfortable with it.
  • Learn JavaScript, HTML, and CSS If you wish to be a full-stack developer. It is because only knowing how to write PH code is not enough in this age. To be able to code websites properly, you must know how to use HTML and CSS.
  • Another thing you should consider is to get certified because most aspiring and serious PHP professionals would do so by taking a course and passing the certification exam. It will authenticate your skills in the field of PHP programming.

Learning best php mvc frameworks to learn - frameworks

Learning Resources For PHP Developers

The one thing most people don’t know about PHP coding is that it’s really easy to teach yourself.  Though formal training would be desirable, one does not need to spend a large amount of money or attend any technical school for certification for learning the PHP basics.

Here are some of the Best Resources For Learning PHP.

  • has lessons not only for PHP but other for other programming languages as well.
  • Code Tuts has tutorials for many programming languages.
  • Advanced PHP Development Training by Simplilearn can teach you to construct dynamic web applications using PHP. You can learn complete PHP and MySQL fundamentals, CodeIgniter, Laravel 4, and much more in this convenient and easy PHP course.
  • Codexworld, have many helping resources on PHP, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Drupal, jQuery, MySQL, WordPress, and many more web technologies.
  • The Code of a ninja is also a good PHP learning and Web Programming blog.
  • PHP Developers Zone has different PHP frameworks from where you can learn.
  • PHP Classes is a repository website on which you can find many great PHP classes code created for different purposes.
  • Site Point is a great resource for learning PHP.
  • Zend Developer Zone has excellent advice and tips on how to succeed with PHP coding.

Final Thoughts

Finally, you have learned about the best PHP frameworks for developers in this article. Developers use various technologies, languages,  platforms, and applications to develop websites.  PHP language is one the most used as the moment and one of the most paying as well.

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