Top Java Frameworks For Developers – Java development MVC frameworks

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Top Java Frameworks For Developers

There are various reasons why Java is still widely used despite being one of the older programming languages. One of them is the immense power the developer yields while using Java is sufficient to make it necessary. In this article, we will explore the top Java frameworks for developers.

It has a vast ecosystem of over 9 million Java developers all over the world. Though Java is not a straightforward language; also, programmers don’t need to write the whole program from scratch.

Java developers best MVC frameworks

It is a robust language and provides the best solution when combined with the framework for any domain such as

  • Banking
  • E-commerce
  • Big data
  • Cloud computing
  • IT
  • Stock market
  • Finance
  • And the list goes on.

There are plenty of Java frameworks that developers use to write mobile and web applications, REST APIs, and microservices that can run on JVM (Java Virtual Machine).

Due to its immense popularity and widespread use, developers need to have command on the best Java frameworks if they wish to increase their value. This is precisely what we are going to talk to you about today.

However, before going to explore, which is the best framework in Java, let’s first understand what a Java Framework is.

What is a Java Framework?

It is a pre-written code in the form of a template which developers use and reuse to create the application to get it to work by filling in the code. Reusing the frameworks allows developers to write programs for the app without the overhead of creating every line from scratch.

There are predefined classes and functions in the Java frameworks that are used to interact with the system software as well as input, process, and manage the hardware devices.

What developers try to accomplish, and their preferences depend on the framework type and skill level of the programmers.

Top Java Frameworks For Developers

For developers, the main thing is to choose the best Java framework among various frameworks available. Here are some top Java frameworks.

  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • Google web Toolkit (GWT)
  • Java Server Faces
  • Grails
  • Blade
  • Dropwizard

top java frameworks for developers

Now let’s get to know about these top frameworks for Java developers individually.

1.   Spring

What is the most popular Java framework? It is Spring. It is a powerful and lightweight Java framework for J2E (Enterprise Java) application development. Many famous companies, such as Netflix, eBay, and Amazon, use the Spring framework. This is also considered one of the best Java framework for beginners.


  • The core Spring Framework features are used to develop any Java application
  • Spring framework is labeled as a complete modular framework
  • It supports XML as well as annotation-based configuration
  • Unlike other frameworks, it is also used to develop a particular layer of the real-time application
  • With Spring, J2EE development is easier to use
  • Spring framework also supports JBDC to reduce error and improve productivity

2.   Hibernate

It is an ORM (object-relational mapping) framework that resolves the issues of data handling mismatch cases. Hibernate ORM  is best if developers work with relational databases. The Hibernate framework is open-source and, thus, is best for experienced Java developers. Famous companies that use the Hibernate framework for web applications include Dell and IBM.


  • With a little coding, it provides strong data manipulation capability
  • It is best for OOP based projects that require portability and high productivity at the same time.

Top java developers frameworks

3.   Google Web Toolkit (GWT) 

It is Google’s product and also open source. The reason behind its popularity among developers is that with little knowledge of the front-end scripting languages, they can create beautiful UI. By using GWT, Java code can be turned into browser-friendly packages.

Popular web apps such as Blogger, Google Analytics, and Google AdSense are built using the GWT framework.


  • It fills the gap between front-end and back-end development
  • The cross-browser compatibility is handy during the online deployment of applications
  • Using GWT, it is easier to implement Google APIs

4.   JavaServer Faces

Oracle developed JSF in 2004 specifically for building user interfaces for web applications based on Java. It is also the official standard of the JCP (Java Community Process) initiative. The architecture of JSF is component-based, and it follows the design pattern of MVC software.


  • Build user interfaces of the reusable components
  • Manages the component state
  • Connect components to data sources
  • On the server-side, it binds the user-generated events to the event handlers
  • Its default templating system ‘Facelets’ is explicitly created for the project
  • Web applications developed using JSF are portable across various Java EE application servers.

5.   Grails

It is a dynamic framework that was created by the Groovy JVM programming language. This framework features an OOP language that enhances the productivity of the developer. It has Java-compatible syntax and is compiled to Java Virtual Machine bytecode.

Hibernate, Spring, quartz, SiteMesh, and Java EE containers are some Java technologies with which Grails work. The majority of e-commerce sites use Grails.


  • Developer-friendly framework with an easy-to-read and detailed documentation
  • Easily to build customized plugins and include Grails IDE support for several platforms
  • For developers, it is easier to start with Grails because its coding standard is Groovy which is very similar to Java
  • It offers flexible profiles
  • Makes the use of object mapping feature easy

6.   Blade

It is a very lightweight framework from the Let’s Blade project. Blade makes apps in no time. It is suitable for usually for solo programmers such as freelancer when speed is the essence. It already does the majority of the work when starting a Maven project.

All a developer has to do is adding the latest dependencies to the config file. Besides, similar to Node.Js, it does not require any external server.

  • It allows you to add extensions for faster coding
  • It maintains a lightweight environment with the help of the jetty server

7.   Dropwizard

Which framework is best for REST API Java? It might be Dropwizard. This one is a high-performance Java framework and is used for developing RESTful web services rapidly. It is best to create Java microservices. Dropwizard Java framework is a separate ecosystem that includes all the dependencies together in one package.

The Dropwizard Java framework brings together several well-established Java libraries to provide a distraction-free and fast platform for development. Upon initiation, a server,  jetty, work from inside the project, making testing easier.


  • It is an operation-friendly Java framework
  • Allows rapid prototyping easily
  • Increase productivity
  • Quick project bootstrap

Java developers MVC frameworks

Career Opportunities For Java Developers

In the Android mobile app development market and enterprise back-end market, Java is leading and is prioritized. The future of Java looks bright when developers consider the integration of modern language features such as streams in JDK 8 and lambda expressions.

Due to reliability, compatibility, ease of use, and practicality reasons, millions of developers continue to work with Java. It is predicted that Java will be on top as the Programming Language of the Year even next decade down the line with upcoming plans of introducing features of new languages such as value types in JDK 10.

Job Roles: Usually, leading firms employ Java developers for developing software applications, online apps, and enterprise applications. Possible roles of Java programmer include software developer, web programmer, EJB Programmer, web developer, and application developer.

Programmers with relevant Java certification can climb to the top post easily in IT, such as senior programmer, project manager, etc. The demand for software professionals with Java experience is high. Java/J2EE developer and software developer positions can be taken by having Sun Java Certification.

Salary Packages: Java promises attractive salary packages; thus, a career in Java is very rewarding and lucrative. Entry-level jobs for Java developers do not offer huge salaries as beginners have to focus on practice to progress.

Then comes the junior java developers. The experience differs from junior java developers from entry-level ones. They can find the most common jobs associated with Java and can make about $75,700 per year.

Senior Java developers are the expert of this programming language. They have mastered the processes thoroughly. The expected salary a senior Java developer can earn in a year is $106,500. But to reach that place, first, you have to put your hours in learning and practice.

How To Become a Java Developer?

Getting into any career requires a degree in the related field. Then some experience and certifications. But experience sometimes beats the certification and is preferred for the students who did not get any degree yet. If you want to pursue your career as a Java developer, then follow the below steps.

  • Earn a Bachelor’s Degree: Though considerable knowledge and technical experience help to secure a job as a Java developer, most companies put the requirement of a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or related field.

Some accept associate’s degrees, but mostly minimum educational credentials that employers need is a 4-year degree. Students take general computer science courses in these programs. The areas may include object-oriented programming, computer architecture, data structures, compilers, and statistics.

  • Get Certification: It is necessary for Java developers to know how to compile the code, repair, update, and modify the applications based on Java. There are several disciplines and levels of Java, such as web, mobile, and business app development.

Earning optional technical certification enhances the chances of getting a job. It’s recommended to earn different certifications to shine bright, as there is a variety of options for relevant certifications.

  • Gain Experience: Degrees and certifications is the first step of getting into the Java world and fulfill the eligibility of the job. Then comes acquiring the industry experience. Java programmers can get software development or computer systems manager jobs.

Just knowing Java programing language is not enough to become a professional Java developer. To master this field truly, you have to make good applications by becoming an excellent coder, and it is only possible with more and more experience.

how to become a java developer

Online Resources For Learning Java Development

If you could not spare time to go to an institute and learn Java because of any reason, then online Java learning platforms have got your back. You can find a lot of online resources to learn Java by sitting at the comfort of your home.

Some of the best online resources for learning Java development are mentioned below:

  1. Codecademy: Beginners can learn java programming for free and can master the language basics on this platform. They can work on different projects, such as creating a calculator.
  2. Coursera: It is a well-known site for online learning. You can learn Java fundamentals, Java for Android, and learning resources for Advanced levels of Java there. Video lectures are available in English, French, Russian, Spanish, and Chinese language, even with subtitles.
  3. Udemy: It is another biggest and famous online learning platform. It offers 58 courses on Java programming. Udemy has a user-friendly interface, and you can sort courses by level, language, and availability of tests.
  4. Oracle Java Tutorials: Oracle is an international software development company and offers free online Java course for first-stage learners. Other than basics, you will know about GUI, how to create it, JavaBeans, and custom networking.
  5. edX: On edX, you can learn Java for free, the courses are delivered by famous institutes such as MIT, UC3M, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Final Words

So, now you know what are the frameworks used in Java? However, we will advise you to keep your mind open and do your research while choosing the best Java framework for you. Depending on the project, there can be plenty of Java frameworks available; the trick is to assess your needs and examine your skills to make the best out of these frameworks.


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