Top WordPress Applications You Need to Know in 2021

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Top WordPress Applications You Need to Know in 2021

WordPress ranks among the most popular open-source CMS utilized for building dynamic blogs and websites. It is considered among widely used website creation tools around the world with an equally powerful and authentic CMS. The different uses of WordPress enable developers and other users to create different types of listings, pages, classifieds, and more without having to code anything. This article explains top WordPress applications, you need to know.

So, what is WordPress used for? Let’s see some of the top WordPress applications.

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WordPress for Classifieds

Classified ads are platforms where companies are able to advertise and trade their services or goods. The term classified derives from the fact that these services and goods are categorized in different classes.

If you need to set up classified ads website, you can use WordPress for that matter.  Classified ads make it quite easy to add functionality such as registration for free accounts, posting ads for your favorite category, buying and selling market services and products.

The advantage that comes with building a classified ad website using WordPress is that it is cheap and effective. The approximate price you’d have to pay for a classified ad will be 100 USD to begin with, including the domain, the theme, and hosting.

Some major benefits of using WordPress for making a classified ad website include:

  • Open-source
  • Easy usage
  • Extensibility for plugins and features
  • Availability of plugins
  • SEO friendly and additional plugins for optimization

One of the key factors you will need to keep in mind is to use a classified listing post type. A theme based on a classified directory will enable you to manage different fields. So, even when professionals design the post type, you can easily edit or remove any field from the classified listings.

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Social Network

While discussing top WordPress applications, if you are new to using a WordPress blog, you might not know that you can also use it for handling social network sites through its plugins. Such social media site plugins are helpful for sharing your blog posts through social media sites and social bookmarking. If you own a Facebook page or have a Twitter profile, you can set up your blog to send the post title and the link to both of them when it gets published.

The advantages of utilizing the best WordPress social network plugins are quite clear.

  • You get to have more traffic instantly from the fans on Facebook, your followers on Twitter, and from other social media sites.
  • You also get to have a backlink for each blog post when it gets shared, and it can be quite powerful for better ranking for search engines.
  • Importantly, with the help of different social plugins for the WordPress blog, you will be able to make it easier to share information with the community and get more traffic.
  • As you utilize such plugins, you cannot only share your blog posts with other followers, but you can also create an opportunity for them to share those same posts with other people. If you get lucky enough, the post can also get viral.

All internet marketers look for improved traffic, and as you get to share your posts with other people, you get that target. This is the benefit you will be gaining from utilizing the WordPress plugins.

WordPress for Job Boards

Among top WordPress applications a job site or a job board is a recruiting site. It is the ideal way to stay in touch with relevant employers and career opportunities. A job board provides a platform for all job seekers where employers advertise different vacancies. WordPress can also be used to provide reach, target, and get attention from the recruiter by helping you reach a large traffic volume.

WordPress charges a minimal fee for the job listings that get posted by the employers and offers the enterprises different packages for posting multiple listings or charging job seekers for uploading resumes. You will be able to make money as you accept job listing payments and earn revenue regularly.

WordPress gives an easy way for creating a job board in autopilot mode. You can use different WordPress themes and plugins to sort the complexities that come with creating job boards and start a good-earning site that attracts powerful traffic regularly.

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Conventionally speaking, WordPress offers the best platform to bloggers for their blogs. It was at first made for this very purpose, where the creator would post a blog, and if it goes well, they could monetize it.

WordPress was created as a platform for blogging; thus, its capabilities are built-in, and they are easy to integrate if wanted. Setting up email subscriptions and RSS to your blog, automatically adding recent blog posts, and commenting capabilities are quite simple to set up. These will help expand your reach and make your website more interactive and dynamic.

WordPress is a self-containing system and does not need HTML editing software. You are able to make a blog post or a new page, upload pages, format text, video files, upload documents, image galleries, and others without additional software.

The code for WordPress is simple and clean, which makes it easy for the search engines to index and read the content of the site. Also, each post, image, and page can get its meta tag keyword, title, and description get optimized for special keywords. It enables search engine optimization to happen at a precise phase. You can utilize tags for enhancing these search engine optimization efforts.

WordPress CMS

WordPress CMS powers nearly 75 million websites worldwide as per 2017 statistics. The utilization of WordPress as a CMS enables you to efficiently develop online stores using professional designs. You would not even have to get any experience in web designing or programming. Also, if you need to customize your site or get into the depths of different databases, you will need to contact expert programmers and development enterprises. This is not the case with using WordPress as a CMS, where everything is pre-made for you.

The ease of utilization that comes through WordPress creates experience curves that provide the normal user the benefit of lowering the costs, therefore adding a better-added value. It is not as easy as utilizing MS Word. However, it is quite similar to that. It is in the medium term which would influence price reduction margins. So, it will definitely increase the profitability.

  • Unlike the complicated online managers of different stores that you would find in the market, it is a relatively free tool to use.
  • It also comes with a lot of different functionalities, and it is intuitive at the first time of use.
  • WordPress can also be used for various eCommerce platforms, and it involves plugins for individual stores, large discounters, and self-publishing sites.
  • It also enables options for payments through integration with payment-oriented sites such as PayPal and Google Checkout. It will maintain the ease of browsing and checking out services for customers.

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Property Listing Web Area

If you are in the property business, WordPress can be an excellent tool for you to use. You can add Google Analytics, CSS3 Animation, code compliance, site membership, internet data exchange (IDX), and others to your website for real estate marketing purposes using WordPress as your platform.

Review Sites

Review sites are very popular nowadays, and most of them are created using WordPress CMS. Making sites for reviews and using short coding enables the review sites to be embedded in the websites and the pages used. For such use, a review box plugin is utilized.

Learning Resources

Final Words: Top WordPress Applications

As you can see, there are a lot of top WordPress applications that are highly beneficial for different users. Whether it is for creating Job Boards or for blog creation, or whether it is for CMS or simple website creation, WordPress comes as the best platform to be used among users across the globe for different reasons.

Moreover, the cost and the no-coding requirement are among the many advantages that make the platform one of the most preferred ones in the market. If you are a business person who has a brick and mortar store or you are a startup, WordPress is one platform you can count on.

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