How to make a python password generator

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How to make a python password generator

Python is a popular programming language, used to create dynamic applications. In a previous tutorial, we created a parse XML using python application. In this tutorial we are going to make a python password generator application.

How to make a password generator in python

Following steps are performed in this tutorial.

1. Create a function to check character type in a generated password

2. Create a function to count character types

3. Create a function to calculate password strength

4. Create a function to generate password

5. Run the application

Create a project folder

Create a project folder named pyhton-password-generator. Create a file in the project folder. Add code below to it.

import string
from string import ascii_lowercase, ascii_uppercase, digits, punctuation
from random import choice, randint

The code above imports, string , random and choice libraries.

Create a function to check character type

The function get_char_type  is defined using def keyword. This function checks the type of a character in password, either it is a upper or lower case character, digit or a special character. Using a combination of lower, upper case, digits and special characters makes a password stronger.

def get_char_type(char):
    if(char in string.digits):
        return "Number"
    if(char in string.ascii_lowercase):
        return "Lower"
    if(char in string.ascii_uppercase):
        return "Upper"
    return "Special"

Create a function to count character types

Next, create a function to count the number of character types and return it.

def get_char_type_count(string):
    charCounter = {"Number": 0, "Lower": 0, "Upper": 0, "Special": 0}
    for char in string:
        charType = get_char_type(char)
        charCounter[charType] += 1
    return charCounter

Create a function to calculate password strength

Let’s create a function to calculate the strength of a password. If the length of password is less then 8 characters then zero is returned.

def calculate_password_strength(password):
    if(len(password) < 8):
        return 0
    return sum(value > 0 for value in get_char_type_count(password).values())

The length of each character type is calculated using get_char_type function and sum is returned.

Create a function to generate a password

The generate password function is used to generate a password for a specified strength. The characters from lower case, upper case, digits or a special characters and assigned to chars variable.

In the while loop below, password_list is assigned an array of characters from choice. Next, the password_list is joined using join method.

The calculate_password_strength method is called to calculate the strength of password and compared with parameter strength. If generated password strength is equal to given strength then new password is returned.

def generate_password(strength):
    chars =  ascii_lowercase +  ascii_uppercase + digits + punctuation
        password_list = [choice(chars) for i in range(randint(8, 10))]
        new_password = "".join(password_list)
        if(calculate_password_strength(new_password) == strength):
            return new_password

Inside, add code below.


generate_password method is called with a parameter 4 as strength, which means that password should include lower case, upper case, digits and special characters. If the strength is 1, 2 or 3 is given, the generated password will be according to the strength.

Run the application

Open command line, go to project folder, and type command.

python3 .\

The password generated will be like.


Application source code

The application source code can be downloaded or clone from GitHub repository.

python password generator github

Learn Python



In this password generator python 3 script, methods to generate a strong password are added. The link to GitHub repository is also included.

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