How to download royalty free images and photos

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 How to download royalty free images

Now a days often we need to add images to our projects and websites, but if you try to use any image available on internet, there can be a copy right issue. So in this tutorial, we will learn how to download royalty free images and photos for personal and commercial use.


How to download royalty free images

Top web sites to download copy right free images.

There are popular websites on internet that you can use to download copyright free or CCO images.

 Video tutorial on download royalty free images

If you prefer to watch a video.


1. – Download royalty free images

The first website to download royalty free images is  They have great high quality image. You can download for free and use it in your projects.

how to download high quality images from If you want to download Laptop image. In the search box type  Laptop and you will fine hundreds of results below.

how to search and download high quality laptop images from


Click on an image to download it. The selected image will open in a popup. On top right hand corner, there is a download button. Click Download free and image will be downloaded.

how to download royalty free laptop images from

Images license for

You can read the License by visiting the License page, that says that images can be used for commercial and non commercial use for free.

download royalty free images from unsplash - license

Becoming a contributor at unsplash.

The contributors upload the images on the website and make them available free for other users. If you also want to become a contributor, visit become a contributor page.

2. – Download royalty free image

The second website that we will discuss is, Pexels allows users to download royalty free images.

download free images from

The license below states that all the photos and videos are free to use and can be modified according to the need. You can read the details on the license page. free images license


Although you can use the pictures but you cannot sell unaltered copies of a photo or a video. cc0 license

Downloading stockfree images from pexels.

In search box type laptop and you can see hundreds of free high quality images. If you want to download image in orignal, large, medium, small or custom size click Free download.


how to download laptop images from

Become a partner of

If you want to become a partner of, then click the Get in touch button.

become a partner with

3- – download copyright free images is another useful website to download CC0 or royalty free images.

download cc0 free images from


Royalty free images license for

You can read the license page for stocksnap. cc0 license

Download a  free image

Open an image and click on Free Download button. Views, downloads, size and dimension of image can be seen under the photo.

download c00 images from

You can join the website and submit photos as a contributer.

4. – Download royalty free images

Pixabay is a very popular website that is used to download royalty free photos, illustrations, vectors, videos, music or sound effects. cc0 images

You can read the license of the pixabay website in the bottom of the homepage. The license states that images, videos and music can be used anywhere. - become a contriuter

Download an image from

Click on any image, and on the image detail page, click on Free Download button.

downlaod an image from


Becoming a contributor to

You can become a contributor to by clicking the Join or upload button.


In this article we have explored popular and useful websites, where you can download royalty free images to use in your projects or web sites.

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