How to join wav audio files using python – a beginner tutorial

join wav audio files using python - featured image

Spread the loveLast updated:1st May, 2022How to join wav audio files using python Web applications often require to share content in form of audio files with their users. This tutorial is about a news website that generates news files in wav audio formats. You will learn to join wav audio files using python and generate a combined audio file. Audio files needed for this tutorial are: …

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nodejs redis tutorial

nodejs redis tutorial - thumbnail

Spread the loveLast updated:27th May, 2020Nodejs Redis Tutorial Redis stands for Remote Dictionary Server and it is a popular in-memory data store used in web applications like a database or cache. In this nodejs redis tutorial, you will learn to add, view, search and delete books data into Redis data store using nodejs redis cli module. Following tasks are performed …

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How to send sms using nodejs with jquery ajax and nexmo Api

send sms using nodejs - thumbnail

Spread the loveLast updated:7th May, 2021How to send SMS using nodejs Nowadays web applications send the SMS text messages to users for authentication, to reset a password or to verify a user’s mobile number. There are many services available to send SMS on the user’s mobile phone. In this tutorial, Nexmo service is used to send SMS using nodejs. Following …

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How to create a weather app in nodejs using Open Weather Map API

weather app in nodejs - code

Spread the loveLast updated:22nd March, 2021How to create a weather app in nodejs Nowadays there are many web services that provide the latest weather updates. Open Weather Map is a widely used API by developers. In this tutorial, you are going to create a weather app in NodeJS. A user enters a city name and clicks the Fetch Weather button, weather data returned …

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Nodejs loopback restful api with authentication tutorial

nodejs loopback restful api tutorial

Spread the loveLast updated:17th September, 2018NodeJS loopback RESTful API Modern web and mobile apps often need to access backend servers using RESTful APIs. In this tutorial, you will learn to create a NodeJS loopback restful API with authentication. A bookstore API is created using Nodejs, MongoDB, and loopback. After that token based authenticated API is created. In a previous tutorial, we …

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nodejs authentication with json web tokens (jwt) and postman tutorial

nodejs authentication with jwt

Spread the loveLast updated:20th August, 2018Nodejs authentication with JWT JSON web tokens or JWT is a way of transferring data securely among servers. In a previous article, you have learned how to create a NodeJS HTTPS server and NodeJS REST API. In this nodejs authentication tutorial, you are going to create a restful API with JWT authentication. Following tasks are performed in this tutorial. …

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How to create nodejs https server on localhost using openssl

nodejs https server using openssl

Spread the loveLast updated:20th July, 2018Create nodejs https server HTTPS is a communication protocol, widely used in modern web applications. Web applications like shopping carts, social networks, and other portals etc, use HTTPS protocol to transfer secure information over the Internet. HTTPS uses TLS/SSL protocols. In a previous article, you learned Nodejs twitter login with passportjs. In this article, you will learn, …

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Nodejs twitter login script with expresjs and passportjs

Spread the loveLast updated:2nd June, 2018Create nodejs twitter login with PassportJS Nowadays modern web applications have social media login as an important feature. Instead of login using an email address, users prefer to sign in with popular social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. In a previous tutorial, NodeJS PassportJS Login was explored with passport local strategy. In this tutorial, you will …

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