What is Virtual Reality and what are VR Applications?

what is virtual reality

Spread the loveLast updated:11th May, 2021What is Virtual Reality? The demand for virtual reality is exploding these days. The gaming companies primarily started this technology, but it has now spread into several other industries like the military, healthcare, and education. This article explores what is virtual reality and what are VR Applications? The current evolution has opened countless doors of …

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What is Human Computer Interaction? and what are HCI applications


Spread the loveLast updated:11th May, 2021What is Human Computer Interaction? HCI (Human-computer interaction) is a multidisciplinary field that focuses on how people interact with computers and at what level computers are/aren’t developed to interact with human beings successfully. There are three parts in HCI, the user (human), the computer, and how they work together, meaning interaction, but what is Human …

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Becoming a UI UX Designer in 2021 – a beginner’s guide

ux-ui for beginners

Spread the loveLast updated:18th April, 2021Becoming a UI UX Designer in 2021 We often hear the terms UI and UX, especially where Web development is concerned. Though both terms are used interchangeably, they have different meanings, and if you wish to become a UI/UX expert, you must know these fields inside out. So, let’s understand UI and UX and how …

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How to become a graphic designer in 2021 – a beginner’s guide

career in designing and graphics

Spread the loveLast updated:24th April, 2021How to become a graphic designer in 2021 Words are not always enough to communicate with others. Sometimes you have to play with colors, figures, and designs to convey your message, and it is especially true in today’s digitized world. No matter the business, graphics play an essential role in communicating with your potential and …

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A Career in Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and SEO

d=careers in digital marketing

Spread the loveLast updated:18th April, 2021Career in Digital Marketing & SEO As technology is evolving continuously, entrepreneurs and marketers are prompted to dive into the digital platforms to maximize brand awareness, reach bigger markets and target more audiences to ultimately drive sales and profit. If you are thinking about having a career in digital marketing, then know that it is …

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What is version control system & its importance for developers?

what is version control system

Spread the loveLast updated:4th April, 2021What Is Version Control System? A version control system (VCS), also known as source control or revision control, refers to managing the changes in computer programs, documents, large websites, and other information collections. Each version control revision has a timestamp and the name of the person making the changes. in this article, we will explore …

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What is Front-End Development? Become A Front-End Developer

what is front end development

Spread the loveLast updated:18th March, 2021What is Front-End Development? Everything that users touch, use, click, and see, including UX/UI, visual layout, user interface, and interaction, comes in front-end development. It is also sometimes known as client-side development. In front-end development, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are used for web applications or websites for the user to directly see and use them. …

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What is Agile Software Development? And The Best Agile Practices

What is agile software development

Spread the loveLast updated:13th March, 2021What is Agile Software Development? Agile is a method of project management, particularly for software development. It is aimed at dividing a task into short segments with frequent reassessments and modifications in the plan. In simple words, Agile is an approach to deal with abrupt and uncertain situations by finding ways to adapt to them. …

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